Chongming Hairy Crab

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  Chongming Island, by the estuary of the Yangtze River, provides Chongming hairy crab with an ideal growing environment. The rich array of nutrients and microorganisms not only meet the baby crabs' nutritional needs, but also enable the crabs to develop dense muscles. The numerous river snails, mussels, and other bottom dwellers also serve as great food sources for the crab. The favorable living environment has endowed Chongming hairy crab with unique features: The flesh of the crab body is tender, that of the claws is dainty, that of the legs is delicate and refreshing; the crab roe is mildly sweet, and the crab butter is rich without being greasy. Every year, late autumn and early winter is the best season to enjoy Chongming hairy crab. There is a saying that "Male crabs have plenty of crab butter, and female crabs have a lot of roe." Chongming businesses have been approved to use the Chongming hairy crab specific mark for geographical indication protection. Relying on the unique local resource, they work hard to build the brand of Chongming hairy crab, not only making full use of the advantage of the crab as natural excellent quality, but also accelerating the development of the industry in the market.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)


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