China reinforces IP protection to promote prosperity of global service trade

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    The CIFTIS attracted 22,000 companies and institutions from 148 countries and regions, and held 190 forums. (photo by Jiang Wenjie)


    The six-day 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) concluded on September 9. During the Fair, participants can readily see and feel the more innovation-laden service trade as it is further penetrated by IP. As a core factor in global market competition, IP is one of the brightest element in CIFTIS.


  "The rights protection experiences in China make us feel the resolution of China's law enforcement departments to protect IP and their firm attitude to treat all business entities fairly," said Dr. Raphael Oen, Vice President of Bayer Group (China)。


  As is said by Oen, the enhancing IP protection in China drives optimization of market and business environment, which is also reflected at the CIFTIS forums at which participants of all circles contribute ideas and suggestions for improvement of IP protection with specific focuses on alternative dispute resolution mechanism for IP cases ,international IP protection service, among other things.


  "With economic globalization, enterprises' multinational operation has become a widespread trend. It is necessary to give a strategic think that how to cope with the challenges in foreign markets and reduce the inevitable risks related with IP to the utmost extent," said Liu Hua, Director of WIPO Office in China (WOC), at the International Forum on Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism for IP Cases.


  "Beijing has taken an initiative in establishing professional industry-led mediation organizations on IP disputes backed up by industry associations and chambers of commerce, build diversified mechanisms for settlement of IP disputes and properly address conflicts the moment they emerge allowing right enforcement at the early going and a more responsive IP protection," Beijing Municipal IP Office's Deputy Director Pan Xinsheng responded.


  The IPRs aid topic for Chinese companies going global arouses many attentions as well. "In April, China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) selected Beijing, Jiangsu and Guangdong Province as the branches of National Overseas IP Dispute Response & Guidance Center. The multi-level support work pattern for foreign-related IP protection has come into being," said Zhang Zhicheng, Director General of CNIPA's IP Protection Department.


  At the International IP High-Level Service Forum, Capital IP Services Association released a list of international IP service institutions in Beijing and a list of the city's own institutions with high international IP service competence, giving those venture-out companies a boost.


  "China will work with other countries to enhance macro policy coordination, accelerate international cooperation in digital sector, step up IP protection, and facilitate the vibrant growth of the digital economy and sharing economy. Such efforts will generate renewed dynamism for the world economy." As is delivered by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Global Trade in the Services Summit of the 2020 CIFTIS, China's firm confidence in beefing up IP protection in accordance with the law, creating better business environment and promoting higher level open-up is making all parties full of hope for revitalizing global service trade.(by Yang Liu/Li Xingyi)


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