Cangqiao crystal pear

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  Cangqiao crystal pear is sweet, lightly sour, with a cool tone that stimulates saliva and lightens thirst, relaxes the chest and removes rues, nourishes yin and softens phlegm, warms the lungs and stops a cough. The Methods of Materia Medica mentions, "Pear can reduce internal heat when eaten fresh, and replenish the body when boiled." Zhang Youchang, a known TCM practitioner of Louxian County in the jurisdiction of Qing's Cangqiao Prefecture, had a clinical record saying, "Yunjian pear, the sweet dew of fruits, the best substance of medicine, stimulates saliva and lightens thirst, relaxes chest and removes anxiety, nourishes yin and reduces internal heat." The pear has a high content of pectin and is easier to digest. It helps with bowel movement and benefits people with weak digestion or constipation. The pear looks stunning and has a tender texture and a sweet taste. It is sweet and juicy and the incredible aftertaste makes one think of the purity of crystal. In the middle of summer, one bite of Cangqiao crystal pear is enough to relax one's body and refresh one's spirit. The successful launch of geographical indication products has further standardized the production of the pear, ensured product quality and character, enhanced the brand of Cangqiao crystal pear, and protected the interests of pear farmers and consumers. Market conditions have been improved and Songjiang area became better known in the region.(Courtesy of the IP Protection Department of CNIPA)


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